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4 Cup Full cream milk/ 2% milk

Take a heavy bottom pan, Boil milk. Reduce flame and let the milk simmer on medium flame. Keep stirring occasionally, to avoid the milk to stick on the bottom of the pan.
As water evaporates, you will see the milk solids remaining in pan. Be patient, stir till all water evaporates. Let it cool on room temperature, after cooling it will be more thick. Now Khoya is ready.
Wrap with cling foil and freeze into small portions.

1) One can use whole milk too.
2) Use nonstick vessel/kadhai. It helps to clean.
3)Keep stirring as milk tends to stick at the bottom and burn.
4) 2 Cup milk yields around 1/3-1/2 cup khoya. The yeild depend on on the water and fat content of the milk. I used 2% milk.

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