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2 Falafel patty (I used baked falafel)
4 Bread slices (any type)
1/4 Onion sliced or cut into round
2-4 Cabbage leaves/ lettuce
1 Tomato cut into round
8-10 Spinach Leaves
2 Tbs Hummus (you can increase the quantity as you like)
1 1/2 tbs tomato ketchup
Black pepper as per taste


Toast the bread, let it cool. now spread some hummus and ketchup on 2 bread slice.  add the layer of Cabbge leaves/ lettuce, Tomato slices, Onions, Spinach over bread slices, add falafel patty. Add layers of veggies again , sprinkle some black pepper and place another slice .

Enjoy your falafel sandwich 🙂

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