This is my one of the favorite dish which is very easy and tasty, It just needs few ingredients and there you have a very delicious dish.
Many peoples does not like broccoli,  capsicum but I am sure  if they will try this delicious dish they are gonna love it. You can eat it as appetizer or for lunch/dinner specially who’s on diet or eat it anytime 🙂

Well take any veggies you like. I took Capsicum, Asparagus, Baby corn, Broccoli, Capsicum(any color) ..sprinkle some salt, black pepper, you can also use Italian herbs, little lemon juice, marinate it for 15-20 min.


Heat the Grilling pan on medium heat, and pour some oil(I will not recommend olive oil as it has low heating point, it gets burn and tastes very bad). Add veggies and grill it for some time to get cooked(dont grill on high heat as veggies will get burn from outside and will be uncooked), turn the sides eventually, Grill veggies till it get cooked/tender (just take care that it will have some crunchiness, do not over cook) .
And here Is your grilled veggies ready to be served :), Serve hot with any sauce you like or just serve as it is!

1) You can use any veggies you like and in any quantity.
2) You can add little red chilli pawder if you like spicy.
3) Add hard veggies first like beans, asparagus as it needs more time to cook.


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