A traditional Maharashtrian savory treat served in  festive season, specially in Diwali!! Its my mom’s recipe I’m sharing with you all. I hope you will give it a try :). Please share your experience.


2 Cup Chakalichi Bhajani
1 Tbsp Seame seed/til
2 Cup warm water
2 Tsp Asefoetida
1 Tsp carom seed/Ova
2 Tbsp Red chili powder or as per taste
2 Tbsp  Oil
salt as per taste

In a pan heat the oil until smoking point, pour on the bhajani directly(Mohan, called in marathi). Add the remaining ingredients mix well and make pliable dough using warm water. Cover and let it rest for 20-30 minutes. Put the mixture into a chakali press and start into spiral form/circular motion.
Meanwhile heat sufficient oil for deep fry. Now carefully slide the chakali into the heated oil and fry until golden brown on medium heat. Remove excess oil and set aside. Follow the same procedure for remaining dough. Let it cool completely then store in a air tight container.

chakali DSC_0057

1) Don’t add too much water or oil, chakali will  melt in oil. If it happens, add more bhajani.
2) Don’t fry chakali on low heat as it will either melt or it will soak too much oil. Don’t fry on high heat.. chakali will burn from outside and will be undercook from inside.
3) When chakali get done, it stops bubbling.
4) If chakali breaking at the time of making .. add little warm water and mix well.