1 Cup Maida
2-2 1/2 Tbsp Oil/ghee
1 Tbsp fine sooji/rava
1/2 Cup Milk/water
1-1 1/2 Tsp of salt
pinch of ajwain(optional)
pinch of Jeera/Cumin seeds(optional)
Oil for frying
1 tbsp Maida
1 tbsp oil

In a bowl take Maida, Rava, Ajwain, Jeera, salt and mix well. Now heat oil in a pan till smoking point(Mohan, called in marathi), and pour directly on  maida and mix with spoon. In another pan take milk/water heat for 2 min. Take maida mixture and using this warm water make pliable dough. let it rest for 30 min and knead it again. in a while make a paste using maida and oil.
Take a small portion of dough, roll into a thick paratha, now apply the paste and make a roll of that paratha. Now fold the end of roll on each other, again roll it into a paratha to the desired thickness(not too thick or thin). cut it into a square/diamond shape of any shape u like.
Heat sufficient oil in a pan, and deep fry all shankarpali till golden color.
Let it cool and store in air tight container and Enjoy!!! 🙂

1) I am using the paste for layering, so when we fry shankarpalis its gets nice layes and looks very nice. if you don’t the want layers, u can just skip the  process of paste and directly roll the paratha and cut it.