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Puran poli is a traditional maharashtrian dish which is prepared during special occasions and festivals like Hoil, Gudi Padwa. the method of making puran poli varies form place to place. Some people makes using only wheat flour, some with all purpose flour(Maida), some makes using both.
It is a Classical maharshtrian sweet which is served with Ghee, aamras,Katachi amti, kheer or even with curd/dahi.

To make dough:
1 Cup wheat flour (if possible sieve it using fine siever or chiffon cloth )
1/4 Cup Milk/Water (2 Tbsp for more soft)
2 Tbsp Oil/Ghee

Knead a dough using Milk and flour. When dough gets almost done, add oil and knead till all oil gets absorbed. Cover it with wet cloth for atleast 30 minutes, Punch and again kneed it to a soft dough.

for puran poli:
1 Cup Puran
ake a small portion of dough, make a lemon size ball, make small size puri using rolling pin. Again take small portion of puran and make lemon size ball, place it on puri which we prepared earlier.
puran poli
Take that puri, cover puran using hands and close all the end(make sure that all ends are closed properly), and make a ball.
20150321_111911puran poli
Now dust some wheat flour on rolling pad, place the ball. Spread/pat that ball gently and evenly using fingers so that puran which we stuffed in dough could spread evenly. Now roll that puri very gently and evenly using rolling pin from all sides. Try to make a thin roti or a size of your choice.
Heat a pan on medium heat, spread little ghee to avoid sticking. Place roti carefully and cook from both sides till it’s get cooked completely. While changing the sides apply some ghee generously.
puran poli 20150321_112157

Enjoy hot with aam ras, Kheer, or even with dahi/curd. It tastes awesome.

1) Make sure that you dough consistency and puran consistency is same. If the puran is too dry and and dough is too soft then you will get difficulty to roll it.
2) Don’t make puran too soft/runny, if it is…. cook again for few minutes till all water dries.
3) Try to roll it evenly from all sides.
4) You can use oil instead of ghee.
5) If you are a health freak , use less oil/ghee.
6) A generous amount of ghee/oil helps puran to stick with the roti.

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