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Puran is the stuffing which is used to make puran poli, which is a classical maharasthrian sweet flat bread. It is prepared during the special occasions and festivals like Holi, Gudi Padwa…

1 1/2 Cup chana daal
3 Cup Water
1-2 Tsp oil
1 1/4 Cup Grated jaggery /sugar or as per the taste
1 Tsp green Cardamom powder
1/2 Tsp Nutmeg powder


Wash daal 2-3 times with plain water. In a pressure cooker take daal, water, oil and cook on medium low heat upto 4 whistle. Remove from heat and let the pressure goes off by itself. In a bowl, Drain the water from daal and reserve it for amti. You can pour 1 cup cool water on daal so its stickiness will be washed. Let the water completely drain.
In a kadhai or pan take the cooked daal, add jaggery and again cook slowly on low flame. After few minutes you will see jaggery melting. mash daal while stirring continuously to avoid sticking at the bottom. Cook till all water goes and daal will be dry and thick.
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Remove from heat. On a plate/bowl place siever which is used to sieve sooji/flour (we call it sooji chalani in India), which is very fine siever. Take a small amount of mashed daal mixture and using palm or spoon rub it on siever so you can get very fine puran. Repeat same process for daal mixture. Add cardamom powder and nutmeg powder. Mix well and keep aside.


1) You can also use puran yantra to make puran.