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An another delicacy from Maharashtra…. which is prepeared by fresh coriander leaves(kothimbir), pearl millet flour, besan, and other spices. It can be served as appetizer, or even snacks too.

2 Cup wash and chopped coriander leaves
1 Cup pearl millet flour (bajariche pith/bajare ka aata)
1/3 Cup Gram flour (besan)
3 green chili
3 garlic cloves
½ inch ginger
pinch of asefoetida
½ tsp turmeric
½ Tsp Cumin seeds
salt for taste
water as needed
2 tbsp oil
Oil for frying(optional)

Make paste using green chilies, ginger, garlic. In a bowl mix all the ingredients. Mix well and make a medium soft dough, use water as needed.
In a pan/steamer boil some water (approx. 1 ½ cup). Grease steam tray with some oil. Apply little oil to palms to avoid sticking. Take a small portion of dough, make medium size sausages and place them into the greased tray. Repeat procedure for remaining dough. Place tray into steamer and cook for 15 min.
Remove the tray from steamer and let it cool. Cut sausages into small cubes or in desired shape. Heat some oil in a kadhai and fry them on high heat till it gets golden color and crispy from outside..
Enjoy hot or cool with tomato ketch up, chutney or as it is.
the another method of serving is:
make tempering with mustard seed, cumin seeds and curry leaves, Add steamed sausages (not fried). And saute till sausages gets golden color and crispy from outside

1) First try to make dough without water, only add water if needed. Don’t add water at a time as coriander leaves has tendency to leave water.
2) You can Use stainless steel strainer which we used to get in India. Grease it with oil.
in a pot or kadhai, boil water, place the strainer(make sure it will not dip in water) And follow the procedure.
3) You can also use idali steamer.
4) If you don’t have enough space to place all the sausages, just apply some oil on sausages which is placed before and place another sausages on them.
5) Frying procedure is optional, you can also shallow fry them.
6) When frying, make sure oil is hot enough otherwise it will soak oil.

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