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San Gregorio State Beach is a beach near San Gregorio, California, USA, south of Half Moon Bay. Part of the California State Park System, the beach lies just west of the intersection of State Route 1 and State Route 84.

San Gregorio Creek widens to form a small freshwater lagoon in the park behind a sand berm, or barrier beach, which typically blocks the mouth of the creek, forcing the creekwaters to flow underfoot as they seep into the Pacific Ocean. During the rainy season the creek often cuts through the sand berm and flows directly into the ocean.  …………….
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San Gregorio State Beach is a well-maintained state park just south of the intersection of Hwy 1 (the Cabrillo Highway) and CA route 84 (aka La Honda Road where it leaves the Bay Area). The drive takes you from California’s scenic coastal hills through the fog and redwood belt and then out to the coast to this lovely beach framed…

San Gregorio State Beach is a popular place to go for having a picnic; there are lots of picnic tables. Its also a family friendly beach.
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From the hill overlooking the San Gregorio, when you look down to the beach…you see sand, surf and…a river flowing down to the ocean.
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If it looks enchanting from the hill-top, wait till u go down and cross that little river to get to the main beach. It is an awesome feeling stepping into the rushing water… 🙂

It is a great area to relax, do some birdwatching and head up to the bluffs for great views.

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There are some cliffs to the north that make a great view. It is also fun because of the driftwoods forts that other beach goers have made. Looking at the forts are interesting.
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This is a great beach to visit. it has everything… a long and wide strip of sand – perfect for a walk or a run, nice cliffs with typical plants and some caves, plenty of driftwood…


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It’s never too crowded. It’s pristine and has some of the most amazing sunsets you can see. it can get windy and chilli when the sun goes down.
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I went here almost 2-3 times and taken these images. It is our favourite spot as it is very calm and relaxing beach . everytime it changes its view as river changes its way everytime. The water of river is warm which gives you an awesome feeling in chilled days. but The water of ocean is very cold, so I love to play in river water :P.
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