1/4 cup Sabudana

In a strainer or in a bowl, take sabudana and wash it in running water for 2-3 times or till water clears, now take enough water which will cover the sabudana and let it rest for 7-8 minutes. after 8 minutes, drain all the water from it and keep aside for 2-3 hours(overnight is better).
After soaking it rises almost three times big in its size. to check if sabudana is ready to cook on not, take some pearls between your finger and thumb, it should be mashed easily.

1) If you wash Sabudana, it will help you to remove unnecessary starch from it, which will prevent to make a stickyness in the khichadi.
2) Let it drain for almost 10-12 min.
3) Try to drain all the water, otherwise khichadi will become sticky.
4) Soaking time is depends on the quality and the type of sabudana. some requires 2-3 hours soaking, some requires more time. so please experiment with your sabudana and decide time for it.
5) If you feel sabudana pearl little hard to mash, sprinkle some water(just about 1-2 Tbsp, again it depends on the hardness of the pearl) and keep aside for another 30 min-1 hour.