A mouthwatering and an interesting experiment with kiwi fruit.

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I had kiwi fruits sitting in my fridge for many days and I am the only one who eats it. I was so bored to eat it, so wanted to make something new with it and I ended with the fruit leather/rolls.
In India, we used to make Mango leather/wadi in summer using mango pulp. This is how I got an idea, it just I added some spices to it.
Fennel gives a freshness, Cumin seeds adds test and carom seeds aids in digestion.

6-7 well ripe kiwis
1/2 tsp fennel seeds
1/4 Tsp cumin seeds
1/4 Tsp carrom seeds
4 1/2 Tbsp sugar (or more if needed)

Peel of the skin of kiwis, add it to blender and make puree. Meanwhile dry roast all spices on low heat until aroma comes out, let it cool and grind it to coarsely powder.
In a pan add puree, and cook for 2-3 minutes, add grounded powder, sugar. Cook till all sugar dissolves and forms into syrup, puree thickens a bit, kiwi fruits raw smell goes off and (stirring continuously).
Grease a flat surface plate with few drops of oil. add kiwi puree into it and try to spread it evenly and thinly, keep that plate in direct sunlight. At the end of the day, cut it into shape u like and try to pull it out gently( if not able to do it , let it be as it is).  let it dry in sunlight for 2-3 days while changing sides, it will help leather to dry from both sides. It can be stored in a air tight container for months.

You can also dry it in the oven.. to do that :
Preheat oven at 120-140 F. Place the baking tray with puree in the middle rack and let it dehydrate for a whole day or at least 8-10 hours(keep checking in between)(if the oven’s lowest temperature setting is 170F, reduce the cooking time to 5-6 hours) until mixture dries completely depending on the thickness of sheet.
It can be eat as a mouth freshener or if you not able to taste anything, it will surely give a taste.

1) Puree the kiwis with its seeds, it adds little crunchiness to the leather.
2) If you blend the puree for several minutes, those seeds will get blend and it gives brown color to the leather.
3)Instead of sugar , can use honey.
4)I don’t like very sweet or sugary goods, If you like you can test and can add more sugar.
5) If you don’t want to add the seeds of kiwis, just strain the puree and then use it (it can help to lighten the leather color).

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