Cracked whole wheat is the healthy as same like any other whole grains. It is rich in nutrition, High in fiber, full of protein and a good source of iron and calcium. All of which works together to make our body healthy and strong.
Making cracked whole wheat/ daliya at home is very easy. My mom always used to make it at home for kheer and sheera(halwa).

1 Cup Whole wheat

Wash whole wheat with cold water until water comes clear. Drain all the water, Take one cotton napkin or any cotton cloth, take washed whole wheat into that cloth, make/fold it to a tight potli and tie the knot.
after 2-3 hours, open it and place it into the grinder. Grind till it gets cracked. Take the cracked wheat into sup/ or in a big plate and winnow it (the process to remove chaffs from the grains(you can use fan also))(In marathi: Pakhadane)(It won’t remove any nutrition).
Another method to make cracked whole wheat is…
Wash whole wheat till its water comes clean, soak it for 30 minutes. Then drain all the water from it completely and place evenly on a cotton cloth and let it dry into shadow for 2-3 hours. Once its dry, place it into grinder and grind it. follow the remaining process of winnowing.
One can make it in big amount and can store for months, but it needs to be dry in direct sunlight.