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It was very hot in last weekend. In India, we used to make sundried goods like kurdai(whole wheat noodles), papad, chakali etc in summer. It was the period to make these goods as after summer, Shravan month starts (rain starts) and  so all other festivals. Some peoples believes that in Bhadrapad( when Pitrupaksha starts) we should not make such things. My husband and I love homemade potato chips. I wanted to make it long back , the weather was not that good. So finally the heat wave came last week and I prepared myself to make the wafers. These chips are perfect fasting people.
Trust me, Not any packaged chips can beat the taste of homemade chips!

10-12 Big round Potatoes (washed and peeled)
1/2-3/4 Cup salt
Potato slicer
Alum rock

Arrange slice thickness as per your wish, place potato slicer in comfortable position and slice all the potatoes(slice in small quantity and keep it into the water). Wash potato slices in enough water for 5-6 times or till water comes clear. now take slices in  enough water and deep the Alum rock for 5-6 minutes by stirring. now in a big vessel , take enough water and put it on high flame. add salt 1/2 Cup salt, mix well and let it boil. taste for the salt(here, you can add more salt if needed). Once water starts to boil,  drain the alum rock water and add potato slices into boiling water. Now cook/boil it for 8-10 minutes or till potato slices becomes slightly transparent(stir continuously but gently). Its the good time to take off the slices form the water. place a big plastic sheet into flat surface and in direct sunlight. now place all the potato slices one by one on that sheet , and let sundry for a day by changing side. Again dry for another day if any of slices is not dried completely.  Store in dry place.
Its ready for frying/baking. It lasts for years. Fried chips can be carried during trips too.

1)Big potatoes are easy to slice.
2) Do not set slice thickness too thick or too thin. Thin slices tends to break after drying(you will have to handle it very gently) and will be hard to bake, fry them, it will burn easily.
Thick slices takes more time to dry completely as well as for frying. So, medium thickness is perfect.
3)Wash slices completely, otherwise it will change the color of chips after drying. You can use all the water for garden(except alum rock water and salted water).
4) Alum rock is useful for making chips white after drying and frying. Do not let the alum rock for more than suggested time, It will make chips become red at the time of frying.
5)Adding salt: Add salt first, mix well and taste it. Potato slice absorbs salt, so add only enough salt. U can also taste the salt after slices added to it. Add slices into water, stir it continuously and let it cook for 3-4 minutes. Take one slice, and taste a small amount of it, so you can get the idea of salt. Then if needed add only little salt, as after drying it and storing for long it starts to become salty.
6) You can also any old chiffon cloth to dry on.

homemade wafers