sabudana chakali
Another sundried delicacy for fasting people who got bored eating Sabudana khichadiSabudana vada.

3 Big potato
1/2 Cup Sabudana
1/4 Tsp cumin seeds
2 Tbsp finely chopped coriander(optional)
salt for taste
2-4 Tsp Red chilli powder/green chilli paste (depending on spiciness one want)
Chakali maker

Wash and soak Sabudana for overnight in 3 Cups of water. Wash potatoes and pressure cook till 2 whistle on low flame. Let potatoes cool and peel off the skin. In a bowl add all the ingredients, mix well. Take enough big pot , place the micture into it and cook  on low heat, till sabudana starts to transparent. cover and cook till sabudana gets transparent(stir eventually to avoid sticking at the bottom). Place a Plastic sheet on flat surface and in direct sunlight. take small portion of cooked mixture but spoon and make chakali directly on plastic sheet. let it dry for 1-2 days by changing side and to dry completely. Store in cool and dry place for years.
Fry or microwave them whenever you want.

1) Overnight soaking makes Sabudana soft and it helps to make chakali.
2)Red chilli powder adds pink/
Red color to chakali. In other hand, green chili paste makes very light green(almost white color) to chaklis(I added both).
3) Green chilli paste creates spicy aroma when frying and consuming which will make you cough.
4) Cooking mixture is optional but I prefer it, as chakali gets very fluffy at the time of frying and chakali comes easily from chakali maker.
You can simply skip the cooking mixture and can directly make chakali.