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It’s been years since I had this panha. This panha has nice sweet, tangy, spicy flavor. I remember those days when my mom used to make this Imali panna/Chichecha panha in summer. It’s my moms recipe which I remember. Today I couldn’t resist myself, but making it from scratch. I made tamarind dates chutney and got so much scratch after straining it. I didn’t want to throw it, so I got tempted and decided to make Imali panha.

1/4 cup Tamarind (I used scratch of tamarind dates chutney )
1 1/2- 2 cups water
1-3 Tbsp jaggery powder(or as per taste)
1/8 Tsp cumin seeds/ cumin-coriander powder
1/8 tsp of red chilli powder
2-4 drops oil
salt for taste

In a pan , add oil and cumin, once its splutter add water and scratch of tamarind and dates, add remaining ingredients, mix well and cook on medium low flame until it starts to thicken. remove it from gas, strain and serve hot.

1) If using tamarind, use seedless or clean and soak it for 30 minutes to 1 hours, crush it. Remove all the seeds.
2) One can change the amount of water for desired consistency.
3) I used around 1 Tbsp jaggery only. The scratch from tamarind chutney was not very sour and it already had sweetness of jaggery and dates. One can use only dates instead of jaggery.
4) If using tamarind, one can need more jaggery, as tamarind will be sour.
5) Red chilli powder adds little spicyness.