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Its been years I made rice kheer,  but decided to make it for Dashara. I followed my moms recipe and it tasted like heaven 🙂

1/4 Cup Basamati rice
4 1/2 Cups water
2 Cups milk
6-8 Tbsp sugar (or as per taste)
2 Tbsp ghee/ clarified butter
3-4 Tbsp dry fruits(raisins, almonds, cashews)
1/2-1 Tsp green cardamom powder
1/8 Tsp Saffron/Kesar(optional)

Wash and soak rice in enough/1 cup water for 30 minutes- 1 hour.  In blender take rice along with water and blend till rice breaks and becomes grainy. In a thick bottom pan, heat ghee, add dry fruits, saute for 30 sec. Now add blended rice and cook on low flame till rice becomes transparent, stirring continuously. Once rice cooks, add milk sugar, cardamom powder. cook till milk boils.
Garnish with some raisins, dry fruits, saffron.  Serve hot, cool as you like or with poori, Puran poli 🙂

1) Instead of raw rice, You can use cooked rice directly.
2) Use thick bottom vessel and also stir continuously to prevent sticking and burning the kheer.
3) One can reduce water amount and increase milk amount. I don’t like milk very much so above proportion works for me.
4) One can add jaggery instead of sugar but jaggery will change the color of kheer and kheer will become red/ brown in color.
If using jaggery, do add milk at a time. first add jaggery in rice mixture and let it cook. let it cool little bit and then add milk. If you add milk and jaggery at a time or even in hot kheer, milk will spoil b’coz of Slacked white lime/chuna or citrus which is used in making process of jaggery.
5) One can add more sugar .
6) Rice kheer thickens when it cools, to get desired consistency again, add little amount of milk/water and heat it again.

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