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This is the traditional recipe of my home or can say heirloom recipe. We love spicy food in my parents home.. we always make Mirchicha thecha to just fulfill the cravings for spicy food. This chutney is another thing which you can always find in there. Here, we don’t get spicy chilies always, also my husband is not a spicy lover. I always made this chutney, so I can fulfill my cravings. Like my parents home, you will always find it in my home anytime and trust me it tastes amazing. This chutney is not just for my cravings but it is all in one thing… it can be used to make curries, egg omelet, on the top of pizza, pasta, appe, pakode and many more…!! Whatever you will make with it.. it will taste awesome. It is perfect for the¬†person who just recovered from illness and has no taste because of medicine, fever…This chutney will just bring your taste back.


Handful of dry red chilies
4-6 garlic cloves(do not peel all the skin of garlic )
salt for taste

In mixer jar, take red chili first and grind it to coarsely powder. Now add garlic, salt and grind it to coarsely to medium fine powder(stir in eventually).
Store in a air tight container. It stays fresh for months.

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