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While retaining the taste, I never stop my urge for new tastes and dishes. Specially, for non-veg dishes! Recently I read about this dish somewhere on the internet and I got so excite to make it. I made my version of this dish which I loved so so much. Its spicy, little tangy and so flavorful and when you try it with scented rice, it will taste heavenly šŸ™‚

Serves: 2-3 People
1 Lb/1/2 Kg chicken
3-4 Green Chilies
5-6 Stalks Coriander leaves
1 1/4 inch piece of Ginger
7-8 Garlic cloves
1/2 Tbsp Khus Khus/poppy seeds
2-4 Peppercorns
2-3 Cloves
1/2 Inch Cinnamon
1 Small black cardamom
1/2 Teaspoon cumin seeds
1/4 Teaspoon Turmeric
1/2 Tsp tamarind paste
salt for taste
1 Tsp oil
1/4 thinly sliced onion (optional)

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Clean, wash chicken and drain excess water. Make ginger garlic paste(take half of garlic cloves and half of ginger), add it to the chicken, add salt, mix well and set aside. Take remaining ingredients except oil and make a fine paste(add little water if necessary).
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Now add grounded paste to chicken and marinate for 40 minutes to an hour or overnight.
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In thick bottomed pan, heat oil on medium. Add half of sliced onion and cook till it caramelized. Remove from the pan drain the oil. In the same oil add remaining onion, cook till it becomes pink , now add marinated chicken and cook for 2 minutes.
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Now cover the lid and let it cook for 15- 20 Minutes or till chicken cooks completely. Now remove the lid and cook till gravy thickens a bit. Garnish with caramelized onion, chopped coriander and serve with rice, salad.

1)The longer you marinate, the more flavor you will get.
2) Do not add water for cooking, when you close the lid, chicken will get cooked in its own juices.
3) If someone wants to keep its liquid, just cook for 2 minutes less.
4) Caramelized onion adds more flavor into this dish, it taste awesome.
5) It tastes amazing with rice, specially scented rice like jasmine, basamati.
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