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Puri/poori or puffed brad is an unleavened(without rising agent) Indian bread, which is consumed for breakfast, or light meal. In India It is also served in festivals, weddings or any special occasion/ceremony which need a special food like, kheer and other vegetarian food, or during summers when mangoes are available.. it is served along with aamras.

1 Cup Whole wheat flour
1 Tbsp fine semolina(optional, but I like to add)
1/2 cup lukewarm water(2-3 Tbsp more of needed)1/2 Tsp salt
oil for deep frying

Mix all the dry ingredients together. Now add warm water little  by little and make a hard to soft dough. cover with damp cloth and keep aside for 15- 30 minutes. take big portion of dough, dust some dry flour on the surface and roll it to big flat bread till it reaches to desired thickness.
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Take small round steel plate/glass, or lid of any container/ or anything with sharp edge and cut the puris by pressing it(repeat the procedure for remaining dough)(The excess after making puris can be added to the remaining dough).

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Heat enough oil to deep fry , gently slide the puri into oil.
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The puri will settle down at bottom for few seconds then it will start to puff and float on surface, Then change the side using frying ladle, press it gently in the oil and fry them on medium- low heat till it becomes nice golden pink/golden in color. Remove from the oil, drain excess oil and put it on tissue paper so the paper can absorb any excess oil.
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Another method is, Make equal portions/small balls of the dough, Roll it to small disc and deep fry them as mentioned above.
It can be served with so many things like…. potato based curies, like aloo matar, batata rassa, batatyachi bhaji or with shrikhand, halwa, basundi, kheer korma or with any vegetable dishes.

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1) One can add some carom seeds/ajawain for more flavour.
2) One can skip adding semolina, but it makes puri  little crispy.
3)Do not roll the puri very thin, it will be too crispy to eat with curries, also it won’t puff perfectly. Puris are smaller than chapati and little thicker.
3) Oil should be hot enough, other wise it wil soak the water, and puri will be oily.
3) Before adding puri to the oil, take a small portion of puri/dough and add it to the oil to check if oil is hot enough. the portion should settle down at the bottom then should have float on the surface.