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Fried, caramelized and crispy onion is the key ingredient in any biryani.. It adds loads of flavor and also adds color to the biryani but it’s very oily as it is deep fried and also takes so much time b’coz you have to fry it on low heat to avoid burning . I was making biryani and wanted to use it but in healthy way to avoid extra oil. So I thought to bake it and I started my experiment.

2 Onion(sliced little thick)
1 tsp oil
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Apply few drops of oil on a flat big surfaced baking tray(one can use aluminum foil). Spread sliced onion evenly on baking tray, add few drops of oil, place this tray on middle rack.  Now adjust the temperature to 420 F, and start the preheating while the tray inside of the oven. Till the temperature reaches to 420 F, sliced onion will become dry, crispy and the color will be light brown- caramelized(stir the sliced onion in between) (keep an eye on onions as oven temperature varies by individual) and the onions are ready to use to make a delicious biryani.

1)Try to slice onion at same thickness. Also do not slice onions very thinly, It will burn.
2)Stir the sliced onions in between to bake it evenly.
3)Most important thing is, keep open all the windows and vent  .. The smell and spiciness of onion will be everywhere in the house.