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In Maharashtra, we basically make this sawa rice for fasting which served along with danyachi(Peanut) aamti/shengdanyche amati.  It can be served instead of rice.

Serves: 2-3 people

1 Cup Sawa rice/bhagar
3 Cups water
salt for taste
1 Tsp ghee/oil

In a thick bottomed pan bring water to boil, add salt and ghee. Meanwhile, check for impurties/stones in sawa rice. wash 2-3 times by changing water, add it to boiling water. Give a stir and cover it with lid. Now turn the heat to medium- low and cook till all water absorbed and sawa rice is nice soft and fluffy(takes approximately 15-18 minutes).
Serve with hot shengdanyachi amti,peanut curry and enjoy! 🙂

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