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I donno how many people knows this chutney but My mom always makes it. We have enjoyed this chutney in our tiffin boxes, our trips. It’s very easy to make and tastes great. It is perfect to carry in travel, give as a side, or with paratha’s. It also tastes grate with bajarichi bhakari and onion.

4-5 Udad papad(roasted)
3-4 Tsp garlic chutney/Red chili powder(depending on spiciness)
2-3 Tsp oil

Take roasted papad in a plastic bag and crushed it with hand or rolling pin, make it coarsely but not fine powder. Transfer it in bowl, add Garlic chutney, and oil and mix it well. Store in a dry,air tight container . It stays fresh for 1-2 months.

1)One can use fried papad, but the shelf life of chutney will be less.
2) Change the amount of chutney as per desired. Also if using garlic udad papad use normal red chili powder.
3) This chutney usually doesn’t need to add salt as garlic chutney and udad papad already have it. but still taste after mixing everything and if required add salt as per taste.
4) We are adding oil to bind everything well. but do not add too much oil, Its shelf life will be decreased. But one can add little oil at the time of consuming.

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