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puran poli
Puran poli is a traditional maharashtrian dish which is prepared during special occasions and festivals like Hoil, Gudi Padwa. the method of making puran poli varies form place to place. Some people makes using only wheat flour, some with all purpose flour(Maida), some makes using both.
It is a Classical maharshtrian sweet which is served with Ghee, aamras,Katachi amti, kheer or even with curd/dahi.

To make dough:
1 Cup wheat flour (if possible sieve it using fine siever or chiffon cloth )
1/4 Cup Milk/Water (2 Tbsp for more soft)
2 Tbsp Oil/Ghee

Knead a dough using Milk and flour. When dough gets almost done, add oil and knead till all oil gets absorbed. Cover it with wet cloth for atleast 30 minutes, Punch and again kneed it to a soft dough.

for puran poli:
1 CupPuran
ake a small portion of dough, make a lemon size ball…

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