DSC_0049 (1100x725) I was making something using black eyed peas, but I had a good amount of mixture left. I didn’t want to make the same thing again also I want it less oily and healthy. So, I just thought why not to make appe/ableskivers using this mixture and I made it. The final product I got, was just amazing and I want to share this recipe with you guys. This dish is perfect as a appetizer, breakfast, or as a snacks.  The goodness of spinach make sit healthy too.

How to prepare Black eyed peas for this appe?
Soak around 1/4 Cup dried black eyed peas for 12 hours or more. The next day remove the skin of peas by rubbing handful peas vigorously by your palm, skin will float on the surface. Change water several time, drain and individually remove the skins from any peas that still have them (do that as many times as necessary to remove as many skins as possible(whenever you drain the water, strain it with strainer and use that water again just to avoid wastage of water). Drain excess water, clean with new water and again drain that water.

1/2 Cup soaked black eyed pea/Chavali/Lobia
1/2 Cup Spinach
2-3 Garlic cloves
1/4 Inch ginger
2 Green chilies(or as per taste)
1/2 Tsp cumin seeds
2 Tbsp coriander leaves(optional)
Pinch of asafoetida
salt for taste
Oil to apply to the ableskivers pan

In grinder jar, take all the ingredients and make a medium coarsely to fine paste. Transfer in a bowl and beat it till it becomes fluffy and almost double in size.  Add few drops of oil in each section  of ableskivers/appe pan, spread it everywhere by moving the pan in round shape, now heat a ableskivers pan on medium high heat, then turn the heat to medium. Take around 1-2 Tbsp mixture and pour into each section of pan. Let it cook for 3-4 minutes on medium- low heat. Now using knife/ fork turn the mixture upside down and let it cook till it becomes nice golden in colors from all the sides.  Follow the procedure for remaining mixture. Serve this appe with ketchup, coconut peanut chutney, plain yogurt or you can enjoy it just as it is.

1)If using ableskivers pan for first time, don’t forget to wash it first. Dry it using any cloth, and grease it well. There might be chances that first time the mixture can stuck, to avoid that use little more oil just for first time.
2) There is no need to add baking soda in this mixture, when we beat the mixture it gets light and fluffy texture.
3) It needs to cook on Medium low heat. Cooking on high heat can burn the appe and will be under cooked from the inside.
4) If u are lucky to get split black eyed pea/chavalichi dal/ lentil in any grocery store , you can simply use that dal and soak it. It will make much more easier to make ableskivers and also it will save lot’s of time.

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