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I had sour strawberries sitting in my fridge and I didn’t want to eat it. There is a Indian sweet dish/dessert called Shrikhand, which is made of hung curd/yogurt (chakka), flavored with saffron, green cardamom powder, blended smooth and served with poori/puffed bread. We get this dessert in Mango flavored also, I just thought of using those strawberries instead of mango. Strawberry gave a very fresh and bright pink color to yogurt and the taste was definitely amazing!

1 1/2 Cup yogurt/dahi
1/2 Cup Strawberry pulp (Use well ripped strawberries)
1/2 Tsp green cardamom powder/2-4 crushed cardamom
2-3 Tbsp sugar
1 Tbsp coarsely grounded dry fruits( Almonds, Pistachios)

Transfer the yogurt in a muslin cloth/cheese cloth. Wrap the muslin cloth, tie a knot and hung it for 3-4 hours. meanwhile make smooth puree of strawberries and strain the pulp. Now transfer all the ingredients except dry fruits into blender and blend till its smooth. now transfer in another bowl , mix dry fruits. Chill this shrikhand for few hours and serve with poori or just have it plain.

1)One can use homemade yogurt if available. Also make sure the yogurt is not sour. Otherwise, Shrikhand will turn  sour and you will need to add more sugar.
2) If cheese cloth/Muslin cloth is not available, use any thin cotton cloth.
3) Straining the purre is essential to get smooth texture, adding the pulp directly will ruin the taste as strawberry seeds won’t get blended. After straining, discard the flesh.
4)Sugar proportion depends on the sourness of yogurt and strawberries. Add sugar according to sourness and as per your taste.
5)Place a bowl below the hung curd to collect the whey. It can be used in curries or to make a dough.
6) 1 1/2 Cup yogurt makes around 3/4-1 cup shrikhand.

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