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Prasad, means a gracious gift. It denotes anything, But an edibal food is offering by Hindus and Sikh’s. This prasad first get offered to god, saints and then it is distributed to devotees. The prasad is then considered to have the deity’s blessing residing within it.
One of the common and famous Prasad in hindus is Semolina halwa/Ravachya shira which is banana flavored. In Maharashtra, weather its Ganapati celebration , any special occasion…. This Prasad is must. Specifically we make on the occasion of Satyanarayana pooja, which gets held in every Maharastrians home during Ganapati celebrations, Shravan month and after any wedding happens(at the groom’s home). It is served along with Panchamrut. I don’t make sweets very often, but it was Thursday and I had fast, so decided to make it. Usually .. the ratio of Semolina, Ghee and sugar is 1:1:1. but as I am a health freak, I did change in proportion but believe me it tasted same as the original recipe.

1/2  Cup fine Semolina/ sooji/rava
5-6 Tbsp Clarified butter/desi ghee
2 Cup hot milk
1  Riped Banana
1 Tbsp Raisings/kishmish1/2 Tbsp crushed almond/ cashew each
1/4 cup Sugar(one can add more if wish)
pinch of Saffron/Kesar(optional)
1/2 Tsp green cardamom powder/ 2 Green cardamom(crushed)
some Tulsi/Holy basil leaves

Heat ghee in a kadhai. Once it’s hot, add semolina and roast on medium to low heat till it becomes nice golden in color.

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Peel and slice or mash banana, add it to semolina and mix well(make sure no any chunk of banana should left).

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Now add all dry fruits,mix well. Lower the heat, Carefully add hot milk while stirring, make sure the kadhai is deep enough otherwise the mixture will spill.

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Keep stirring till mixture thickens and all the milk absorbs(mixture becomes double than its actual size). Now add sugar, crushed cardamom, mix well and cover the kadhai with lid. cook for 5 minutes.

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Once its done, add some tulsi leaves/Holi basil leaves on the top of prasad. Prasad is ready to offer to the god.

1) The proportion which is mentioned above is the perfect for me.
2) Use thick bottomed kadhai. Use medium-low heat to roast the sooji and to make halwa.
3) Using hot milk is essential, as it makes prasad light, fluffy and very soft.
4) This amount of sugar is very perfect for me. But if ones wish , can add more sugar but keep in mind that, we have added banana, which has its own sweetness to the rava mixture.
5)Make sure to roast the semolina perfect. If it’s not roasted till it becomes golden, the color of pudding will be whitish and it will taste uncooked.
6) To add saffron, warm 2 Tbsp milk, add safforn and add it to the prasad, after adding sugar.

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