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Spinach is very healthy but most of the people don’t like it, specially kids. But these palak poori is a perfect way to add spinach in our diet and believe me whoever doesn’t like spinach will fall in love with these poori.

2 handful spinach/palak or enough Spinach to make puree around 3/4-1 Cup
3/4 Cup wheat flour/aata
1/3 Cup fine semolina/rava
1/8th Tsp Cumin seeds/jeera
1/4th Tsp carom seeds/ajwain
3-4 Green chilies
1/4th Inch ginger
2-3 Garlic cloves(if cloves are too small, take 4-5)
Salt as per taste(Aprrox. 3/4th Tsp)

In a Bowl mix all dry ingredients together. Make green chili, ginger, garlic paste and transfer it to a bowl with dry ingredients. In same jar take spinach and puree it, add 2-3 Tbsp water if only needed. Make a medium soft dough and let it rest for 15-3o minutes.
Now follow the step-by-step method to make poori same as I’ve shared in Plain poori recipe and deep fry it as mentioned in same recipe. Enjoy hot with Potato/batata chutney, curd or it tastes very tasty even just as it is.

1)Make sure you don’t add too much water to make spinach puree. If it happens, You will need more flour for that.
2) One can skip adding semolina, but it makes puri  little crispy.
3)Do not roll the poori very thin, it will be too crispy to eat with curries, also it won’t puff perfectly. Pooris are smaller than chapati and little thicker.
3) Oil should be hot enough, other wise it will soak the oil, and poori will be oily.
3) Before adding poori to the oil, take a small portion of poori/dough and add it to the oil to check if oil is hot enough. the portion should settle down at the bottom then should have float on the surface.

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