Happy Independence day, India!!!

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15thAug, 1947, It was the day when India(Hindustan)got Independence from British empire.
When I was in my high school, We used to arrange some cultural programs on the 26th January(Republic day of India) and 15th, August ( Independence day of India ) every year. As I said , I love singing… I used to sing patriotic songs  like Ye mere pyare watan, Ye mere watan ke logo, jayostute, & many more.
Few weeks back India celebrated an Independence day. Like any other Indian , I’m proud of  being an Indian. There is a group called CCC(Crave Cook Click) and I am the member of that group. It is very fun filled group with so many activities, talents and recipes. Every month we have a meetup with different themes and recipes. I always love to go for the meetup, catch up with my friends and always like to learn…

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