Laddu/Ladoo are ball shaped sweet popular in India. Specifically made during festivals, Riligious occasion and served during marriage ceremonies. Ladoo are made using wheat flour, besan, rava/semolina, coconut. Combined with sugar/jaggery and ghee. Besan laddu are made of using gram flour(besan), ghee and sugar.
Today I had a special occasion to make these laddu. We are celebrating Ganesh/Ganapati festival at my home and my blog turned 2 this week. We Indians always worship Lord Ganesha at the beginning of new venture, before starting anything new. I remember, when I started my blog; we were celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi and my first recipe was Modak. I made these laddu to offer it to Lord Ganesha and celebrate the anniversary of my blog. These laddu are very tasty and easy to make.


Makes: 18-20 Laddu
3 1/2 cup Laddu besan(I used store bought) but if not available , use normal gram flour
1 Cup Desi ghee/Clarified butter(add 1-2 Tbsp more if needed)
10 Tbsp(less than 3/4 cup)-3/4 cup sugar/powdered sugar
1 Tbsp green cardamom powder
6 Tbsp Milk(Optional)
(Cashews, Raisins) for garnishing

In kadhai, heat ghee, add gram flour and stir well. At first, the mixture will become thick,  roast it on medium low- low flame till it becomes golden brown with nutty fragrant(stir continuously)(consistency will be thin after few minutes)(Takes around 25-32 minutes). Now sprinkle the milk, mix well. The mixture will have lots of bubbles, but mix it well till the mixture becomes thick. Remove from the heat, transfer it to another bowl and let it cool for 20-22 minutes. Now add sugar, cardamom powder and mix well(This is the perfect time to check the mixture for sweetness).
Take 1/4th cup of mixture or make equal parts of it and make firm round shaped balls out of it. Press one cashew and raisin while making laddu.

Making laddu is easy but still needs things done properly. To avoid any mistake please read below tips.


1)Roasting gram flour with ghee, helps to roast it evenly.
2)While roasting the flour, keep stirring continuously. Otherwise the flour will stick to the bottom and will burn.
3)Roast the gram flour properly. If it’t not roasted completely, laddu will stick to the palate while eating. If over roasted, it will burned.
4)Adding milk is optional, but it makes easy to make laddu. If one wishes, simple skip milk and follow the remaining method.
5)Keep in mind, adding milk can decrease the shelf life of laddus.
6)The amount of sugar I’vementioned makes perfect laddu, not sugary, nor low sugar. But still if one can add more sugar after tasting the mixure.
7) I used measuring cup to make same size laddu. 1/4 cup of mixture makes small laddu.
8)These laddu stays good for 5-8 days without refrigerator. If the weather is hot and humid, refrigerate it.