Thalipithachi bhajani/ bhajani or multigrain flour is a very healthy flour which is made by roasted pulses/ Whole pulses and whole grains. Thalipeeth bhajani has lot’s of variation as per individual household. The proportion of whole grain may vary from region to region. This flour can be made in advance and can be stock to use it later as needed. Thalipeeth bhajani can also be used to make Kothimbir vadi, Mutkule, Aluvadi.

2 Cup Bajra/Bajari/Pearl millet
1 Cup Whole Wheat
1 Cup Jowar/Sorgum(optional)
1 Cup Rice
1 Cup Chana daal or whole black chickpeas
1 Cup Moong daal or whole moong beans
1/2 Cup Urad daal/black lentil
1/4 cup Coriander seeds
3 Tbsp Cumin seeds

In a heavy bottomed pan dry roast all the grains and pulses on medium to low heat, one by one until crispy and color changes to slightly golden. Dry roast coriander seeds and cumin seeds separately.  let it cool. Mix everything together and grind it to a fine powder in grinding mill. id using mixer grinder, take small portion and try to grind it to fine powder, sieve it using fine mesh siever(keep in mind that mixer grinder won’t make very fine powder so after sieving the flour you will have lots of grainy residue.)

1) Keep stirring  while roasting the pulses and make sure not to burn it.
2)one can change the proportion of pulses and grains as per their taste.
3) This flour can be stored for months.  For storing, Use a thick plastic bag or a air tight container.
If pulses are not roasted perfectly, the shelf life of flour will be less as it’s increases the chances of insects and worms.