I was reading a marathi news supplement where I got introduced with Acaraje, I found it very tempting and interesting.
Acaraje, is a traditional dish from Brazil’s northeastern state of Bahia. Specially in the city of Salvador and also as a street food. Black-eyed peas, seasoned with ground dried shrimp and onions, are shaped into fritters and deep fried in palm (dende) oil, then split and filled with various fillings, such as Vatapa, or a spicy shrimp and caramelized onion mixture. Though dried shrimp are a traditional ingredient in Acaraje, they tend to impart a very strong flavor.
In this recipe some ingredients are additional which does not get added in authentic/traditional recipe, But believe me it tasted heavenly. I still have that taste in my mouth. I donno when I will be visiting Brazil in the future and will taste their authentic Acaraje but until then I will enjoy my version of Acaraje 🙂 and you guys enjoy too 😛

1/2 Black eyed peas/Chavali
3 Garlic cloves
1/4 chopped onion(1/2 if small onion)
1/8 Inch ginger
1/2 Green chili (red chili powder)
1-2 Tbsp coriander leaves
salt for taste

Soak black eyed peas for 24 hours. The next day remove the skin of peas by rubbing handful peas vigorously by your palm, skin will float on the surface. Change water several time, drain and individually remove the skins from any peas that still have them (do that as many times as necessary to remove as many skins as possible.  Drain excess water.
Now take all ingredients in the food processor/blender and process until it’s nice grainy batter(do not make fine paste). Remove from the blender and beat it till it becomes very fluffy and almost double in its actual size.

In a pan Heat enough oil for deep frying. Using wooden spoon(I use steel one) take batter and drop it into the heated oil.
now fry till it becomes nice golden from all the sides.
Remove from oil and transfer it on paper towel to remove excess oil.

Non-veg Stuffing:
6-8 Prawns
1/4 Tsp turmeric
salt for taste
1-2 Tsp lemon juice
1/4 onion
1/4 Tsp red chili powder
1 crushed garlic cloves
1/2 tsp oil
Marinate prawns for with Turmeric, salt and lemon juice atleast for 30 minutes. In a nonstick pan, heat oil, add onion and cook on low flame until it becomes transparent. Add crushed garlic and saute till its raw smell goes off.

Now add prawns, add chili powder and cook untill prawns gets fully cooked. add salt if needed.

For vegetarian people:
Simply skip the prawns and ingredients for marination from ingredients and follow the remaining steps. Also make some salad using chopped onion, cucumber, tomato and use it as a stuffing with caramelized onion.

Carefully carve a slit on the cake, across the longest side, apply some vatapa, fill some stuffing and serve immediately!


1) Black eyed peas should be soaked till skin comes off easily but water should not be stinky.
2) To remove the skin you can also crush the soaked peas, it will help the skin get off easily.
3)Beating batter, makes it fluffy and light and fritters becomes nice light in texture.
4) Oil should be hot enough to fry the fritters. It should not be over heated as it will burn the fritter from outside and fritters will be uncooked from the inside. Neither the oil should be cold or under heated, fritters will absorb too much oil.
5) It tastes good without vatapa too.