‘Bharali’ means Stuffed and  ‘Bhendi’ means Okra/ ladies’ fingers is easy to make Maharastrian dish which can be served as a side dish with phulka/chapati, daal chawal/varan bhat. I learned this recipe from my mom which needs only few ingredients and you get a delicious dish in no time.

12 Okra/lady fingers/ Bhendi
1 1/2 Tsp Oi
1/4th Cup peanut powder
1/2 Tsp red chili powder or as per taste(I used Kala Masala)
1/4th Tsp garam masala (Use only if adding red chili powder)
2 big garlic cloves/4-5 small garlic cloves(crushed/paste)
1/4th Tsp coriander powder(optional)
2 Tbsp Chopped coriander
pinch of asefoetoda/Hing
Salt for taste

Wash Bhendi/Okra and wipe them dry completely with kitchen towel/paper towel. Slice of tip of bhendi from both sides. Make an incision vertically to each bhendi, without cutting into two pieces. Take all the ingredients mentioned in stuffing and mix well. Now stuff all Bhendi/Okra one by one. In a kadhai/pan, Heat oil and toss stuffed bhendi/okra. Cover the lid and let it cook on medium low flame by changing sides in between and till it’s completely done. Serve with plain phula/roti or as a side dish with daal chawal.

1) Make sure to dry Bhendi/Okra. It helps to avoid Bhendi/Okra become sticky.