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About me

Hi, This is Ankita.
First of all, Thank you all for dropping by my blog and spending your valuable time to read it..  🙂
I have so many hobbies, Singing, dancing, listening music, drawing, jewelry making. But Cooking, music and photography are the things which I can’t live without. I always try to learn new things and these three things which is very closest to my heart makes me happy.

About cooking. …
Well, I was  interested in cooking from my childhood. Being a only girl child (I have a brother too :-)) I am quite more pampered baby in my house. But still I was keen to do any household work, I always wanted to help my mom. She is a working women, but the way she took care of us, the way she was taking care of house… it is genius. I learned everything by watching her. She never teached me anything, She made me learn on my own but she guides me whenever I need. I cook most of the recipes learned from her which I modify sometimes. She is a best cook, she is a good teacher, and for me.. she is the bestest mom in the world 🙂
My hubby is a foodie and loves home cooked food(he is a good cook too ). But sometimes he becomes picky and to decide everyday menu, it becomes difficult. I do many experiments in the kitchen. I love to try new things and my husband also encourages me for everything. Here, I am sharing  all my recipes which I learned in my entire life journey.

About Photography…
I am not a professional photographer, I’m still learning. But whenever I take camera in my hand, I get an energy which charges my mind, my body and I just get deep into the things to capture. I love Nature’s photography, Food photography and I always try to get best shot. Whenever I go out, I take my camera and captures things.By this blog I’m trying to share the  best shots which I have taken.
I’m not a good writer nor a professional photographer but I will try my best to share my thoughts, recipes I’ve learned and the best photos which I have captured. Hope you guys will enjoy 🙂
Please feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions, ask questions, doubts or anything you need or just write in comments.. My email id is!
Thank you again 🙂


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