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Methi chicken/ Fenugreek chicken/Methi Murg

We get tons of Methi/Fenugreek in winters.  I always make Methi Rassa, Methichi bhaji/ Fenugreek leaves stir fry. We also use Kasuri Methi/Dried fenugreek leaves in our kitchen to enhance the taste of dish.… Continue reading

Goan style stuffed Whole Pomfret/Paplet with Green Chutney

I am a seafood lover and I make different dishes every week. Pomfret or Paplet is one of the expensive fish in India and one of my favorite. Pomfret is a salt water fish with… Continue reading

Brazilian Acaraje/ Black eyed Pea fritters

I was reading a marathi news supplement where I got introduced with Acaraje, I found it very tempting and interesting. Acaraje, is a traditional dish from Brazil’s northeastern state of Bahia. Specially in… Continue reading

Vatapa-for Acaraje

Vatapa is a Brazilian dish made from bread, shrimp, coconut milk, finely ground peanuts and palm oil mashed into a creamy paste. It is common to the North and Northeast regions of Brazil. In… Continue reading

Red hot chili fish curry

This fish curry cooked in hot red chilies, spices and well flavored with kokum. This hot and sour fish curry is perfect for spicy food lovers 😛   Serves:1-2 People Ingredients: 4 Pieces… Continue reading

Malvani Chicken Thali/Malvani non-veg thali

Malvani chicken thali is one of the  popular thali in Konkan region of Maharashtra(India) and also some parts of Karnataka. Malvani cuisine is predominantly non-vegetarian, But there are many vegetarian delicacies too. Malvani… Continue reading

Malvani Suka chicken/Malvani style dry chicken curry

Suka/Sukha means dry and this dish cooked in spices till it becomes dry. This dish is one of the part of malvani non-veg thali. Flavorful and tasty. Ingredients: 1/2 Kg/ 1.10 lb chicken… Continue reading

Malvani kombadi rassa/Malvani chicken curry

Malvani style chicken curry is famous dish from the Konkan region of Maharashtra. This curry is the part of a combo dish ‘Malvani Thali’ along with ‘Kombadi/Malvani vade’. This curry is very rich and… Continue reading

Bommidayila Pulusu (Traditional Andhra style hot and sour fish curry)

Andhra cuisine is known for cooking with lots of spices and aromatics. Bommidayila Pulusu, is a traditional andhra fish curry which is cooked in lot’s of spices. It has nice spicy and tangy/sour… Continue reading

Pan grilled salmon with parsley

Hi all , been away for a while for my exams. But now it’s my free time and I’m coming with some fresh, new recipes. Today’s dish is one of my favorite. Many of… Continue reading